Master in Marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE)

Contemporary consumer and business markets are increasingly characterized by a move towards the knowledge economy, globalization, innovation and customer value chain management. These important trends are all driving forces for growth in today's Western economies and businesses. Even so, they demand new advanced skills from marketers, able and willing to thrive in markets that are becoming more and more international, technology-oriented and knowledge-intensive. Therefore, the mission of the Master's program in Marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics is to create marketing leaders for the knowledge economy, who are able to analyze consumer and technology trends and to shape present and future consumer and business markets. Our aspiration is to see students who have completed this Master's program emerge as marketing leaders who thrive in international innovation-intensive and knowledge-intensive markets. The Master's program in Marketing consists of core courses, electives, seminars and a Master's thesis distributed over five blocks of eight weeks each. The Master's program in Marketing offers as a primary emphasis three core concentrations, Technology Marketing, Consumer Channel Dynamics and International Marketing & Research. A secondary emphasis is on in-depth training in a set of marketing skills connected to these primary topics; Innovative Branding, Advertising, Marketing Research & Analysis, Marketing Models and Large Datasets, New Product Development & Innovation, and Knowledge-Based Marketing.

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Master in Marketing at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

While marketers are often thought of as the people who think up clever ways to sell coffee and lipstick, companies view them as key drivers of company performance, able to develop successful visions and strategies. It is not difficult to see why marketing knowledge is in demand. RSM’s MScBA Marketing Management includes the study of different aspects of the marketing process, so you learn how strategies and tactics can result in success or failure for products and services.

Our professors have learnt that a combination approach is the most effective method for teaching the latest knowledge and skills in marketing and marketing management. This programme delivers a stimulating mix of lectures, case studies, group work, simulations and experiential learning, with ample opportunity for collaboration with professors and practitioners outside the classroom and the study of cases and research from across the globe. You have the chance to test your ideas with the support of experienced mentors, and the freedom to design your own curriculum by choosing your electives and a thesis topic researched at a company or university.

The Marketing Management programme has been designed to bring you the best of international theory and practice. Practical experience comes through exposure to real and simulated business environments: working and collaborating in diverse groups and in foreign cultural settings, conducting projects and research, interacting with business leaders.

The programme is practically oriented, research-driven and internationally-focused. RSM has a strong international reputation for teaching and researching marketing, and is consistently ranked in the European top five for scientific publications. You will share a classroom with students from all over the world and will be taught the very latest theoretical insights by international faculty who are experts in their fields.

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